Make It: DIY Paint-Dipped Wooden Utensils!

Make It: DIY Paint-Dipped Wooden Utensils!

The paint-dipping craze isn't going anywhere anytime soon, kids.  Which is a-okay in my book (I secretly love it... okay it's not really that big of a secret).  If you feel compelled to dip everything within a 5 mile radius in paint as well, you'll love this DIY idea!   

Wooden spatulas and utensils can be found here.  After that, all you need is some craft paint in your color(s) of choice and some food-safe shellac*.  Hit up Erin's tutorial at House of Earnest for tips on pulling this off with ease!

So, now that we've got the gears turning, what other items do you think would benefit from some paint dipping shenanigans?  Share your thoughts below!

*For those who have asked how to make your gold-dipped bowls food safe, this might be your best bet!

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Anonymous on Apr 21, 2014:

What are the best brands of food safe paint?

paintit on Sep 05, 2012:

It's not a problem if you're only painting the handles of utensils and the outside of bowls or rims of plates - meaning do not paint anywhere that will come into contact with food or your mouth.  Not a problem :)   The shellac is only to protect the paint from chipping, flaking or peeling.  

Sarah on Aug 31, 2012:

Would I need to use a shellac if I'm dipping something that's going nowhere near food? I want to paint a letter opener since I can't find any cool cheap ones!

CapreeK on Jun 06, 2012:

Rie - Great ideas! Love the Krenit bowls, too!

Rie on Jun 06, 2012:

Definitely need to get the food safe aspect nailed - but the possibilities are endless! With a bit of patience in sourcing the right bowl, paint color - you could even achieve results as elegant as Herbert Krenchel's 'Krenit' bowls - recently relaunched by Normann Copenhagen and Mr Krenchel himself. He came up with the brightly scolored inside of bowls back in 1953 - and it still looks great if it's done right. Great DIY guide. Don't mind if I give it a go myself. On a non-food item note, dipping also looks great on old chairs if you leave the body neutral and just dip the feet - gives the chair a quirky 'floating' effect. 

CapreeK on Mar 02, 2012:

Ooh, you could maybe do something similar to the undersides of thrifted dishes!  That could look pretty cool, depending.  You could even dip large wooden salad bowls, so just the bottoms have a splash of color -- so many options!  You've got me thinking, Neta! :)

Neta B on Mar 02, 2012:

Thanks for the update!  I got really excited when I saw the project because I instantly started thinking about painting thrifted dishes, but you are right that since this project was just about painting handles the whole food safe thing is a bit of a non-issue. 

CapreeK on Mar 02, 2012:

Thanks Neta! Updated the link to the regular clear shellac which, once dried and cured, is considered non-toxic and safe for use in cooking areas (and even on children's toys).  Also, with this project, you are only sealing the handle, so contact with food is still minimized.  Of course, there's no need to dip your utensils in anything if it makes you uncomfortable!  Do what you feel is best.  Always! :)

Neta B on Mar 02, 2012:

Did I miss something?  When I look at the  "food-safe shellac" I don't see anything that says that it is food-safe.  It says it is non-toxic and safe for "food areas" but that isn't the same as being food safe.  Plus the MSDS on the product says that it may be harmful if swallowed.  Is it maybe linked to the wrong product? 

CapreeK on Mar 02, 2012:

Suzanne - Oh, I love what you're picturing!  And yes, you definitely want to use food safe paint if you're not sealing it with the suggested food safe shellac.  You don't want any bits of paint in your belly--yuck.

Suzanne on Mar 02, 2012:

Lovely idea, some of those colourful spatulas hanging up under some shelving piled high with pastel coloured plates and tea-pots would look so kitsch! Defo need to make people aware they have to use food safe paint though, normal paint is so harmful if digested!!! 

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