Make It: Super Cool DIY Paper Polygon Vases!

Make It: Super Cool DIY Paper Polygon Vases!

I have an oversized soft spot for simple paper crafts that yield big decor points, like these wallpaper scrap projects, for example. I'm especially excited by projects that are colorful, modern, and budget-friendly.  As you can imagine, then, my love for these paper polygon vases is through the roof!      

created at: 02/29/2012

What's more, they combine all of that with everyone's favorite DIY supply: the mason jar.  I mean, what's not to like?  Victoria Hudgins from A Subtle Revelry created, styled, and photographed these wonderfully angular paper vases for Project Wedding.  I love the color palette she worked with, but think it could be interesting to introduce some pattern or texture!  How would you customize this project?

Check out how to make your own modern paper vases over on Project Wedding!

[via Brittni on Pinterest --> Are you guys on Pinterest?  Come check out our inspiration boards for more DIY ideas!]

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katibrowndesigns on Mar 13, 2012:

I like them plain too, great burst of colour.

CapreeK on Mar 01, 2012:

Michelle - Agreed! Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best!

MichelleEllyn on Feb 29, 2012:

These actually look great!  A simple, creative twist on just covering a mason jar with paper. Thanks for the tip!

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