Inspiration: Turn a Branch into a Floor Lamp

Inspiration: Turn a Branch into a Floor Lamp
Hard-wiring overhead lighting can be intimidating for a DIYer, which is why floor lamps are often the preferred way to go when you want overhead light. However,  'conversation area' type floor lamps can be really expensive. Nice to know we can make one using a branch and some hanging lights. Here's a few lamp alternatives I found on Amazon that could do the trick.

Brushed Nickel Warehouse Shade:

Designers Edge:

As far as the pot goes, I'd opt for a cardboard cylinder type thing. I'd fill with Quikrete (to counterbalance the weight of the branch & lamps) into which I'd shove my branch. It would need support until the cement cures, of course. 

Spotted at Dwelling Gawker.

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Cram Beret on Apr 18, 2012:

This look is pretty interesting! I haven't ever seen a branch-floor-lamp before. I know that Troy's "Cheyenne" collection uses lots of branches for hanging and sconce fixtures. I think the look is surprisingly versatile. 

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