Jaw-Dropping Kitchen Makeover

Jaw-Dropping Kitchen Makeover
The previous owners of Rick and Laverne's house didn't much care what their kitchen looked like, as evidenced by the picture above. Which is probably why, instead of having a dining table in the eating area, they had a pool table. (Just like the Beverly Hillbillies!) 
This situation wouldn't do, however for Rick and Laverne, a very creative couple with a penchant for color. Here's what it looks like now:
For tons more pics and to read about the story about its transformation, head on over to Florence Finds. So what do you think? Did your jaw drop too?
Spotted at Dwelling Gawker.

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Manu on Feb 25, 2012:

Well, it's only paper. If the buyer doesn't like it, it doesn't take a wild stretch of the mind to imagine ripping it off and painting it blah. If they are so inclined. I'm not a green person at all, but if I were to be a prospective buyer, I would think "wow, I would never have thought of that, let's give it a try". And if after a few months living in it I can't grow into finding it home, I'd just redo it the way I feel comfortable with. It's not like you are renting, is it? You can change whatever you want, and a few sq ft of paper won't kill your budget!

Ellen on Feb 24, 2012:

Why should resale drive all our decorating decisions? Nothing there that can't be modified for resale quite easily. Do what you love.


Valerie on Feb 24, 2012:

The new look is wonderful, though I have to agree with anon about the wallpaper. I love that shade of green for the walls!

Anonymous on Feb 24, 2012:

Good luck reselling.  Not too many people will want that wallpaper.  The paint color isn't much of an issue.  Use artwork and linens for color; keep tile, countertops and appliances neutral.  

Jo on Feb 24, 2012:

Moving the fridge and cutting that wall down made an enormous difference.  Just that change alone would have been enough for a lot of folks.  The color certainly POPS!

Michelle Glauser on Feb 24, 2012:

This reminds me of Mary Engelbreit.

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