Conran vs. Ikea... The Smack Down.

IN THE RED CORNER (LEFT) Hailing from the mean streets of Surrey in England... 'SIIIIIIIIIR'  Terence Conran Design heavyweight and lifestyle genius,


The MING HIGH Weighing in at £457 (Yes folks that IS roughly $900 U.S. or   670 Euro)



Conran vs. Ikea... The Smack Down.


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In the blue and yellow corner (right) Straight outta the 'hoods of Älmhult, Sweden.... THE Master of the Mass Produced... MISSSSSTER Ingvar Kamprad


The MYNTA at a featherweight $49.99 cnd ($43 U.S. or 32 Euro)

They're fairly evenly matched height-wise but Conran does have that reputation as a heavy hitter....



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