Decor Disputes: What is Your Most Embarrassing DIY Moment?

Decor Disputes: What is Your Most Embarrassing DIY Moment?

Having been an avid DIYer for more years than I'd like to admit, I've run into more than a few embarrassing situations. Even with measuring twice (nay, FIVE times) a board will still get cut too short now and again. Those kinds of incidences aren't so much embarrassing as profanity-producing. No, I'm talking about stuff that is so mortifying you want to crawl in a hole. Case in point: Several years ago I decided to make a mosaic 'Welcome' sign to put in my garden. I cracked and broke the tiles into just the right sizes, glued them down with thinset onto my sub-straight, waited a day and then grouted it up. It looked great! 

The sign was sitting on a bench in my garage, waiting to be installed when our friend Colin came over. Stating the obvious, he said, "You made a 'Welcome' sign."

"Yeah!" I said proudly and told him my plans for putting it in the yard.

"Cool," he replied and then turned his attention to something else.

I zoned out, not hearing a word he said because I noticed something was off with my sign. It, in fact, did not say "Welcome." It said "Welome." I exclaimed, stating the obvious, "I forgot the 'c!'"

"Huh?" said Colin.

I pointed. "The 'c.' I forgot it!"

He chortled. 

Mortified, I picked up my sign and tossed it into the garbage.

Of course, looking back, the whole thing strikes me as kinda hilarious. What makes it even funnier is Colin didn't even notice I forgot the 'c' and wouldn't have if I hadn't opened my big mouth. 

So, there you are. My most embarrassing DIY moment. How about you? Can you top it?? 


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