Round Up: 5 Fantastic TV Makeovers

by on Feb 20, 2012

created at: 02/20/2012

Back in 1977 a Sylvania 25″ color console TV would set you back a whopping $530. Adjust for inflation, that would cost us $1,840 today*. Ouch. Next time you see an old console TV, keep that in mind and then think of these makeovers.
Cool blue and a center shelf make this makeover irresistible.
A light blue shelf is sitting on the wooden floor.
An old console television is sitting near the door of a garage.

 to nice:
A green piece of furniture in a room with a brown room.
Erin turned her old TV into a new doggie bed.

An Old, dirty box TV has a wooden frame.

A brown lab sitting in a geen dog house.
This MCM model was converted into a home bar:
An old box TV has wires hanging from it.
 A variety of wines has been set up in a hollowed out console television.
Okay, all of these were cool, but my favorite is this conversion, which also went from TV to bar. Check it out:
A large black shelf has a red curtain with alcohol glasses on it.
The maker tiled the top and inserted a wine bucket for chilling.
A black, swirly shelf has alcohol on it.
LED rope lights were added into the interior, which, when the red velvet curtains are closed (via a proper mechanical ‘pull string’), give the bar a very theatrical look. No ‘before’ on this one, I’m afraid, but to read more about the project, visit Alpine Butterfly.
A black piece of furniture with a red curtain on it.
*Source of citation.

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  1. Brook

    I just converted an old RCA console TV into a dog bed and sold it for $250.00. That’s I call trash to treasure !!!

  2. Brook

    i recently converted an old RCA console tv into a dog bed and sold it for @250.00. That’s what I call trash to treasure….