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Claudia on Oct 26, 2014:

I commented on this kitchen 2 years ago, saying I liked the "before" kitchen over the remodel. However, my design esthetic must have changed,, because after looking at all the details again, I actually really like the "after" kitchen better.  It looks, brighter and cleaner. The taller ceiling makes it look more spacious. Plus, the addition of shelving on the walls increases the amount of storage.  It's a much more modern look. So, I'd like to amend my first impression and comment and say "Yay!" to the remodel.

Anonymous on Oct 26, 2014:

Not a fan of open shelving in the after pic.  I actually like elements from the before and the after, I have white cabinets in my kitchen--they look nice but are horrid to keep clean as every single thing shows up on them.  I would have raised the ceiling, added the pendant lighting, added more of the tiling that was present in the before, added concrete countertops, added the fan over the ranger in the after, but kept the color in the before.  But as the actual home owner states in their post, everyone has their own tastes and both views of this kitchen are pretty. 

Jones on Jan 26, 2013:

I am shocked that so many of you prefer the "before." It looks like a flip house trying to have some style on a budget every man job. The after looks much more custom.

Tommy on Apr 19, 2012:

The before kitchen looks like an office cafeteria, completely charmless and no thought put into it at all. It lacks character and functionality, a kitchen is something to cook meals in not just for making tea or coffee!

The after kitchen adds functionality and a certain cleanliness charm. The higher ceiling adds character and the ability to add the pendant lights rather then the ugly modern spot lights.

I would perfer to spend my time cooking in the after kitchen rather than the before which would remind me of the office kitchen...

tali.orad on Apr 19, 2012:

Maybe the photos are deceiving but I actualy preferred the "before" as it had more character.

Adding the shelves was a good call as you wanted to avoid the crowded feeling.

I think you did a great job I am just missing some color... 

Tali Design


Jay on Feb 27, 2012:

I don't wanna be all negative, but that's a make under... I liked it before...

Claudia on Feb 26, 2012:

Honestly, I like the before photo best. I must be the only person on the planet who does not like black and white kitchens.

DesigningMom on Feb 22, 2012:

@ Redlilocks: Oh my, I do see it now. You're cabinets look as though they are floating. I kind of like that! LOL

I'm so happy you understand my love of wood. I doubt I'd have gotten any work done and would have been fired for the drool left on the doors for sure! LOL

Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy} on Feb 22, 2012:

@designingmom and @zero34, I think so! The bit of wood that sits between the bottom of the cupboard and the floor ;)  You can clearly see in the 'after' pic that they are missing!

And @designingmom, years and years ago, I worked for a company that manufacturered wood doors - it was the nicest smelling factory I've ever been to with all sorts of different kinds of woods in every state of production!  You would have been in your element!! lol  Thanks for your comments ;) xxxx

DesigningMom on Feb 21, 2012:

Ah I bet you are correct zero. Thanks.

zero34 on Feb 21, 2012:

risers under the cabinets - as in the toe-kick?

DesigningMom on Feb 21, 2012:

Oh wood butcher block counters will be gorgeous! I'm not quite sure what you mean about risers under the cabinets though. Maybe what I call brackets?

As I said before it is a lovely make over. I just happen to be obsessive about wood grain. It's like art in and of itself to me. If you only knew how my heart rapidly beats and I come close to breaking out in a cold sweat whenever I visit a near by wood workers shop that carries exotic woods you'd probably laugh. Or think I was utterly insane. Wood grain to me is right up there with the taste of rich dark chocolate in my book.


Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy} on Feb 21, 2012:

Well, finding my kitchen on Curbly was certainly a surprise! And reading the comments has been interesting to say the least! I have to agree with those who said that the pics should be taken in the same light - I have the same gripes so apologies, this particular pic showed the difference in the ceiling heights so that's why it had been used. However, for proper before pics, the entire process is on my blog so promise there was no intentional manipulation. (Indeed, if I had known this was going to be on this website, I would have submitted different shots - hey ho, that's the internet for ya). For some before pics: http://gettingitswoonworthy.blogspot.com/2010/07/first-things-first.html

I did want to just make a couple of points... First and maybe most importantly, what you see here is not a full 'after'. I totally agree about the warmth of wood and I desperately miss it in the kitchen at the moment - however we are intending to replace the countertops with warm stained butcherblock along with the risers under the cupboards to match. So that warmth will be back soon! Second, I did want to say that we did this on an incredibly small budget (less than £1500) because we took on every bit of it ourselves (from the underfloor heating to ripping out the ceiling, electrics, tiling, the lot). And this is why it's not done, we are waiting til we can afford to complete it :) Of course, there was nothing terribly wrong with the old kitchen aside from missing an extractor fan and a lack of storage but it wasn't to our taste and I think any home should reflect the owner's personal tastes. Certainly, what works for some doesn't always work for others. I do really appreciate everyone's comments, both positive and negative. If we all had the same taste, well, the world would be rather boring! ;)

Anonymous on Feb 20, 2012:

"Before" all the way. 

Michaela on Feb 18, 2012:

I agree with the white exept for the tiles which remind me on a slaughter house.

Melissa on Feb 18, 2012:

I think this is a great example of that white always makes a room spacious and bright. Thanks for sharing, very inspiring.

Katie on Feb 17, 2012:

I'd actually go for the white.  But it's not a fair comparison when one is a day photo and one is a night photo!  :-)

DesigningMom on Feb 17, 2012:

I'll take the warmth of wood in the before any day, but it is a lovely make over if you like while cabs. Wood says "homey" to me though.

@ Zero. In the link they mentioned they removed the false ceiling.

zero34 on Feb 17, 2012:

I agree with Mike, and i've said it in the past about other before and afters.. it's completely disingenuous to take pictures at VASTLY different times of day. To compare one picture light by canned ceiling lights versus one in mid day with natural light flooding a room is misleading to say the least...

that said, they're both nice kitchens. The first one is missing the hood vent to say the least.


additionally, did the ceiling get raised? or is it just me?!

Kate on Feb 17, 2012:

While I know the before is NEW, that doesnt mean it is her style. It's certinaly not mine. I perfer the after with some tweaks.

Gotta say that i dont like either the blank left wall OR the shelves that now fill it. I might have done floating sleves or somehting like that. 

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