Paint it? Stain it? Both!

Campaign Trunk Table Before

Rachel found this teak campaign trunk table and transformed it from bad nail salon decor to a really sophisticated piece. 

Campaign Trunk Table After

Instead of doing the obvious and painting the entire table, she took the time to stain the legs of the table a dark walnut. Then she painted the top trunk portion a crisp white.

The best part of it, Rachel says, is the strorage. She stashes her clutter in it when people come over. And if that's clutter, then I need to enter a 12-step hoarding program STAT. 

Campaign Trunk Table

Personally, I like how the campaign hardware is so much more noticeable with the new paint and stain. The warm wood tones on the inside are a nice surprise, too. 

See more of Rachel's trunk table makeover on her blog, Southern Exposure.

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