How To: Make a Festive DIY Confetti Tablecloth!

How To: Make a Festive DIY Confetti Tablecloth!

Whether it's because I've got a birthday coming up or I just live life like it's a party, I'm totally feeling this colorful DIY project.  I mean, it's a confetti tablecloth, y'all.  What's not to like??   

I love this project as a quick way to spruce things up for a birthday party or just as a way to add a touch of playful color to your table.  It's a simple technique that you could apply to more than a tablecloth, though.  I'm thinking confetti curtains, confetti napkins, confetti pillows, or even a confetti rug!  However you decide to apply this, here's what you'll need:

Once you've gathered your supplies, head over to Oh Happy Day for the complete tutorial, including tips on prepping your surface and how to apply your freezer paper stencil!

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