How To: Dye Your Laptop Using Common Fabric Dyes!

How To: Dye Your Laptop Using Common Fabric Dyes!

This DIY goes out to all the design-minded, technically inclined, color-loving Mac geeks.  You are a beautiful and unique snowflake -- and so is your laptop!   


I'm filing this project under the "so cool, but so complicated" folder.  Obviously, dying your Macbook involves some level of warranty-busting risk, not to mention some technical know-how.  (You're not going to see me completely disassembling mine any time soon.)  But if you've got the guts and the skills, I say go for it!

created at: 02/28/2012

The unnamed brain behind the BrainDeadLock Labs blog has created a picture-heavy tutorial for anyone interested in attempting this colorific DIY project.  Your supply list is full of common items ranging from RIT dyes to a roasting pan and even salt.  If you think you've got what it takes to pull it off, head over to BrainDeadLock Labs for the full how-to!

Good luck!

[via Brain Pickings]

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