Before & After: A Tiny Closet-Turned-Bathroom Makeover!

Before & After: A Tiny Closet-Turned-Bathroom Makeover!

A one-bathroom house just wasn't cutting it for the Chao family--or their teenage daughter.  Fortunately, this tiny closet was sitting on some major potential where the bathroom issue was concerned.  Check out the incredible makeover below!   


created at: 02/18/2012

Obviously, this finished space is a bit bigger than that first tiny closet.  Turns out, there was another tiny closet just behind this one that the Chao's were able to incorporate into the final bathroom size.  Hooray!  And, by using an appropriately-scaled sink and floating shelves, they turned it into a fully functioning full bath that's both stylish and cozy.  Nicely done!

See more of this makeover over on AB Chao, including a breakdown of sources for everything from the tile to the artwork.

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Natalie on Aug 27, 2012:

Very cool! Where did you get that sink? Love the light fixtures, too.

Lee Ann on Feb 20, 2012:

Excellent job! Looks great!   :)

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