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Sleeper Survey #2: TV in Bed, Darkness, and Your General Sleeping Habits

by on Feb 13, 2012

It’s Bedroom Month here on Curbly, so we’re exploring your sleeping habits in a series called “Sleeper Survey,” in which we engage in a little dialogue about the average Curbly Reader’s boudoir. This time, we’re curious what goes on in your bedroom before and while you sleeping? Do you watch TV? Or books and magazines only? Does your room need to be super dark, or do you prefer a little glow? Read on to cast your vote and see the results so far!   

(Please vote only once)

Don’t worry, your response is completely anonymous and we’re just collecting this unscientific info for fun and conversation.

And here are the results!

Speaking of which, don’t stop at answering the survey! Chime in with a comment about why you prefer what you prefer as you get ready for bed.