How To: Make Heart-Shaped Hard Boiled Eggs!

How To: Make Heart-Shaped Hard Boiled Eggs!

These heart-shaped hard boiled eggs have been floating around the Internet for a while now, but I was saving them for this very special time of year when going out of your way to make heart-shaped foodstuffs is normal.  Aren't you glad I did??   


Bento box and plush toy designer Anna the Red happily shares a simple technique for turning ordinary hard boiled eggs into something... EGGStraordinary*.  All you need is the following:

  • an egg
  • a clean, empty milk or juice carton
  • a chopstick
  • rubberbands

When you're ready to start turning eggs into hearts, head over to Anna the Red for a nice photo tutorial plus a few EGGcellent** tips.

BONUS: Anna also has another tutorial for turning hard boiled eggs into cubes, pyramids, and spheres!  Awesome.

 *I'm so sorry.

**I really can't control myself around puns!

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