Before & After: A DIY Kitchen Island Makeover!

Before & After: A DIY Kitchen Island Makeover!

Oh, hey! It's a comically small kitchen island floating awkwardly in the middle of the room!  If this predicament sounds (or looks) familiar, we've got just the makeover for you.  


Molly Crawford*, the sassy blogger and DIY extraordinaire behind The Nesting Game, turned her once too-tiny kitchen island into, well, a sexy butcher block workhorse that's appropriate in scale and style!  Using the existing cabinet base, she created a new frame to support the large piece of butcher block that would soon double the kitchen island's final footprint.  Adding decorative legs sealed the deal and brought the whole project together.

created at: 02/06/2012

Like any good DIY blogger, Molly documented the process (including a step-by-step breakdown of how the whole thing was built) to help like-minded homeowners along the way!  Check out the details over on The Nesting Game.

*We had the great pleasure of meeting Molly--IN PERSON!!--at Alt Summit a few weeks ago.  She is awesome.  Her blog is awesome.  Read it, follow her, fall in love.  We did.

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CapreeK on Feb 10, 2012:

Thanks for the additional insights, Molly!  I'd say you slayed that photo class.  Also?  I think that jug o' wine needs an encore.  Maybe an appearance in all "before" photos from here on out? ;)

MollyMC on Feb 10, 2012:

Molly, here. :) The "before" photo was by no means stealth trickery, just poor photo skills and a bad camera. I did think the jug o' wine was a nice touch, though.

It was a simple change in theory, but we looked at a lot of countertop options and my husband figured out the best way to seamlessly convert the top. Also, I took a photography class. Maybe I should have worked that cost into the final budget figures!

Thanks for all the comments!

CapreeK on Feb 08, 2012:

Hi Jenn - If you click through you'll see that there was a lot of work done in building the new island top.  While adding something like that might not seem like much, it completely changes the functionality of their kitchen--something Molly is probably very happy about!

And yes, everything looks better in daylight. :)

Jenn on Feb 08, 2012:

@Scott H - for real. This reminds me of before & afters on beauty product infomercials... before = people lit poorly, with no make-up, frizzy hair, slouching... after = expertly lit, made up, hair shiny and excellently styled, beaming, sitting up straight...

It doesn't seem much was done beyond plopping a larger tabletop on the existing island and giving it legs on the unsupported side. It does make a difference, though! (but so does straightening up and white balancing the camera, lol!)

Scott H on Feb 06, 2012:

Nice way to proove that a crappy photo makes rooms look even worse. Nice work on the island extension though. Does make it more functional. Also like the light choice. 

Eurolife on Feb 06, 2012:

Wow! this is really wonderful! I love the modern kitchen but the traditional one is also very nice!

CapreeK on Feb 06, 2012:

IKDO - Way more functional! Molly did such a great job. :)

IKDO Designs on Feb 06, 2012:

What a great makeover! Much more functional and quite lovely result!!

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