50's Rambler Turned 2-Story Villa

50's Rambler Turned 2-Story Villa

Local interior designer Brian Ellingson served as demolition crew, architect, general contractor and landscape designer to transform his and his partner's 1950's one story rambler into a two story villa. They were committed to the home's original footprint as well as re-using as much of the salvage as possible, including the original oak and pine floors. The transformation is quite remarkable. Visit Star Tribune to see more images and to read all about the project.

created at: 01/31/2012

Main-floor hallway:

created at: 01/31/2012

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J Jones on Jan 27, 2013:

Awesome! Another McMansion! Oh wait, they worked hard to keep the integrity of the original house... By retaining the footprint. That is such a silly statement, it makes me crazy. Just say u wanted a huge home in a certain neighborhood and own it! If you love it, I love it for you.

Anonymous on Apr 19, 2012:

Are you kidding, the transformation is incredibly beautiful. The landscaping alone is magnificent. I would trade my rambler home any time and wonder how many people criticizing the project actually live in the 50's monstrosities

Heytonia on Apr 16, 2012:

All I can say is WOW! I really wasn't expecting a remodel to this extent. I love it!

Claudia on Feb 26, 2012:

I was so excited to see the 'after' photo, but.........ughh. Not my taste at all.  I wonder how it fits in with the other homes on the block - my guess is that it sticks out like a sore thumb.

jenn on Feb 26, 2012:

Ugh. This should be illegal.

Anonymous on Feb 17, 2012:

How fitting. Today's faux-tuscany mcmansions are tomorrow's outdated "how did people live like that" ranch homes.

Mini Martha on Feb 10, 2012:

This breaks my heart too!  I love seeing the mid-century houses which are dimissed because they're frequently misunderstood.  Some do need some updating and renovating as the requirements of daily living change but still this cookie cutter hideousness is an abomination of ANY style.  I have no problem with someone buying what they want, but I don't think it should be at the expense of an existing structure - that is ANYTHING BUT green and incredibly wasteful!!  To me one of the largest gaps in the green movement is understanding the importance of maintaining the existing structures.  It isn't publicized as much as the new and improved green products.

Sarah e on Feb 08, 2012:

*like both styles

Sarah e on Feb 08, 2012:

 I for one dream of buying one of those "outdated snores" one day....there are definitely more faux villa tract homes being built than 50's homes being preserved.  But, a lot of people both styles and I glad for the diversity of tastes. :)


DIY Maven on Feb 08, 2012:

@Jenn--'outdated snores'. LOL!

Jenn on Feb 08, 2012:

Wow, I'm surprised at the outcry... I think it's a huge improvement. These outdated snores are a dime a dozen, around me anyway.

Brit on Feb 03, 2012:

So sad :(

richa.k on Feb 02, 2012:

oh my this hurts my heart! poor 50's rambler.

Sarah e on Feb 02, 2012:


DIY Maven on Jan 31, 2012:

@Bruno...on a lake in Edina. Need I say more?

bruno on Jan 31, 2012:

Definitely not my style; but props to him for going for what he wants. Resale value is another question entirely ...

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