Flor is out; Puzzle Carpet is in

Flor is out; Puzzle Carpet is in

Okay, maybe not, but these puzzle carpet tiles by Satyendra-Pakhale are really cool! Available in grass, water and sand patterns, each piece is 36 cm in diameter. Seven puzzle pieces will run you about $151.20. You can find them at Baby Geared.

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baconthecat on Apr 17, 2007:

Hmm... For a kid's room, maybe... But definitely not in the living room.

DIY Maven on Apr 11, 2007:

Okay, buddy, you're an industrious DIY-er, let's see a knock off.

Chris Gardner on Apr 11, 2007:

What? No "Industrious DIY-er could mimic the design with a little commercial grade carpet, a template, and a carpet knife, no?" ?!

Weak, Mave.... 

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