Eye Candy: 12 Perfectly Cozy and Contemporary Bedrooms!

Eye Candy: 12 Perfectly Cozy and Contemporary Bedrooms!

Cozy and contemporary, warm and modern: these twelve gorgeous bedrooms are the perfect dose of eye candy!   


created at: 02/21/2012

1. If this light-filled Aspen home was mine, I'd never come down off the mountain. See more here. (Photo by Francois Halard)

2. An attic bedroom in a Danish cottage? Yes, please. See more here. (Photo by Stuart McIntyre)

3. Hand-knitted blankets and pillows are Cozy with a capital "C"! See more here. (Photo by Le Souk)

created at: 02/21/2012

4. A room full of art, saturated in natural light sounds like heaven to me! See more here. (Photo by BresicWhitney Real Estate)

5. The exposed beams in this old church-turned-home add character and charm to this minimalist bedroom. See more here. (Photo by The Modern House)

6. Colorful art and a handmade quilt bring a pop of personality to this bright bedroom! See more here. (Photo by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer)

created at: 02/21/2012

7. A room with a view! I'll take it. See more here. (Photo by Jeremy Samuelson)

8. This small cottage is located in the middle of the Danish countryside AKA in the middle of my dreams. See more here. (Photo by Mai Linh)

9. Part house, part cabin, part awesome! See more here. (Photo by WA Design)

created at: 02/21/2012

10. This looks like the comfiest bed known to man. Hello, pillow top! See more here. (Photo by Rob Mills)

11. There are about 100 different styles going on in this room yet somehow it absolutely works. Bravo, room. See more here. (Photo by Nuevo Estilo)

12. And finally, can you believe the light in this room? Also, those knob wall hooks are pretty fantastic. Just sayin'. See more here. (Photo by Riika Kantinkoski)

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