DIY No-Sew Bunting

DIY No-Sew Bunting

It is my daughter's birthday on Friday, and I'm in party mode.  Since I do parties as simply as possible- usually with only a few balloons as decorations- this super easy DIY made me consider stepping out of my "If-I-Decorate-I'll-Have-To-Clean-It" self and branch out a little more this time around.  The good news is, you can just fold it up and put it away for the next celebration that comes around.   That's my kind of party.   With a freezer paper stencil and some fabric paint, this tablecloth transforms from simply white to decorated simply in no time at all.  Definitely no sewing involved, and it can be a last-minute addition too, if you have a hair dryer to use to dry that paint faster (I'm an impatient crafter, what can I say?).

created at: 01/25/2012

Find this tutorial at The Sweetest Occasion.

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