How To: Make an All-Natural Hanging Succulent Garden!

How To: Make an All-Natural Hanging Succulent Garden!

Succulents are my favorite plants in all the world; I am in love and intrigued by their sculptural qualities and other-worldly shapes.  So when I saw this artful hanging succulent garden made from palm tree fragments, well, I had to know how it was done!   


Reuben Munoz of Rancho Reubidoux never ceases to bring a creative touch to the outdoor living space (remember his painted sofa and chair?), so it's no surprise that he could make something so gorgeous from such simple materials.  If you'd like to create your own all-natural, wall-mounted succulent garden, here's what you'll need:

  • discarded palm fragment/scoop
  • coconut fiber liner
  • metal mesh (painted to match)
  • succulents

For the palm fragment, Reuben found his on the side of the road but you could probably ask nurseries or landscaping crews for one.  Once you've located your palm scoop, head over to Rancho Reubidoux for the full how-to for this simple gardening project!

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lisette on Feb 01, 2015:

I know it's been a while since making you succulent garden from a palm frond, but is there any soil involved?

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