Curbly’s Top Design Fan Club, Week 9: Living Room Swank

Carisa's Room

Last night's episode of TD proved the cream rises to the top. Too bad it was curdled. And orange.

The Task

The three remaining designers drew on past Elle Decor magazine covers for inspiration to create a posh living room. Not Elle-like was their budget: 7500 bucks. This bit of news provoked wailing and gnashing of teeth among the contestants. Could they possibly produce a fabulous room on such a paltry sum??

The Drama

Carisa, a.k.a. Ms. Condescension, really needs to work on her interpersonal communication skills. Maybe pitch the eye-rolling first? Andrea’s paint crisis was interesting too as it proved even experienced (meaning high-priced?) designers/architects don’t necessarily get color right. Good thing she had the extra cash–and the sense–to fix her faux pas.

Matt's Room

The Winners and Losers

Matt won for his minimal, monochromatic, unfinished room with a uniquely placed furniture arrangement. As an added prize of this task, his design will be featured in an upcoming issue of Elle Decor. Andrea (who should have won?) lost. So what does this mean for Ms. Condescension?? The judges, who suggested that she needs to ‘grow up’, loved her color hutzpa and gave her a pass into the finale.

Andrea's Room

The Summation

Low-lights of the night included Carisa’s knickknack overload, and Matt’s attempt at upholstering his chaise centerpiece. There’s a reason professional upholsterers charge so much: doing it well requires skill. His complaint over a (as in ONE) blister made me howl. Highlights were Andrea’s choice of installing French doors and her totally DIY-able embroidered baseboard. The same technique could make a great art piece.

Matt and his blister.




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