Before & After: A Soft and Serene Office Makeover!

Before & After: A Soft and Serene Office Makeover!

Wedding photographer Christa Elyce's home office lacked focus and creative energy, something she felt embarrassed about when meeting with clients.  But, with the help of a stylist and a few money-saving tricks, she was able to transform this space into a true reflection of her personality and artistic vision!  Check it out below!   



created at: 01/02/2012

This soft and serene palette matches Christa's photographic style perfectly, while the romantic English garden-inspired decor helps create a tangible reflection of her brand's identity.  In other words, a win-win for Christa and her clients!

Check out more of this space as well as an interview with Christa over on The Office Stylist--she shares one of the best money-saving window treatment tricks ever!

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sillyhp on Mar 06, 2012:

I like it


designrchick on Jan 21, 2012:

Oh for the love of GOD. You don't have to use a dresser for just clothes. I have one in my living room as a side table and store puzzles, games, photos, and miscellaneous tv things. Maybe they don't need a big desk. It's a nice bright room to work in. Nice work.  

Anonymous on Jan 11, 2012:

wow! such nice comments- somebodies mommie forgot to tell them if you cant say anything nice....

Anonymous on Jan 10, 2012:

It looks really washed out now and I don't understand why there is a dresser in an office. The table with 2 chairs by the windows is a nice touch though.

Jen on Jan 02, 2012:

I agree with "guest". I think the "before" was off to a great start with the wall color and cool chairs. The "after" isn't particularly cohesive and lacks personality.  What's important is that the owners are pleased with the end-result but in general terms, this isn't what I would showcase as a particularly succesful before/after. Sorry.

ck8g0 on Jan 02, 2012:

@Guest- you so crazy. 

Guest on Jan 02, 2012:

:S Before was better. Ok, the room needed some warming up and that desk was too small but it was wrong to bring a bunch of girly stuff and expect them to work together just because they are "cute" . The round table with chairs goes great with the dark wood floor, everything else including the wall paint is a miss.

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