4 Year Old Boy's Christmas Wish: A Dual-Flush Toilet

4 Year Old Boy's Christmas Wish: A Dual-Flush Toilet

Dustin Kruse isn't your typical 4 year old boy. At least when it comes to his fascination with toilets. And what he asked Santa for Christmas.

Dustin begged his parents to take him to the Kohler Design Center in his hometown of Kohler, Wisconsin earlier this year. After spending 3 hours in the design center and accumulating a stack of product brochures, Dustin announced his wish for Christmas. He said he was going to ask Santa for a "full-flush half-flush toilet." The economy having taken its toll on the Kruse family, Dustin's parents couldn't fulfill his dream, so his mom sent a letter to Kohler, which eventually fell into the hands of John Bashaw, director of Kohler Customer Service and president and COO David Kohler (aka 'Santa' as far as this story goes). Kohler delivered a red-bow-trimmed Persuade Dual Flush toilet (pictured with Dustin above) and installed it, making Dustin's Christmas dream come true. 

To read more about Dustin and his Kohler adventure, follow this jump or watch the video below. To watch on YouTube, click here.




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