Knock Off Chihuly?

Knock Off Chihuly?

If you’re a fan of Chihuly ‘chandeliers’ but haven’t scored the lottery yet, check out Robert Kuster’s designs, available through the Glass Artists Gallery. Although not cheap–Kuster’s very Chihuly-esque chandeliers will set you back anywhere from 2K to 20K–they’re certainly more affordable than an original Chihuly. Of course, they don’t carry the distinction of the Chihuly brand, either.

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Anonymous on Aug 04, 2014:

It's unfortunate that some people who call themselves artists, like Kuster and Kaindel, simply have no ideas of their own. They are not artists at all - they are business owners.

baconthecat on Apr 17, 2007:

Medusa, or a frozen orgy of worms? And people pay thousands of dollars for these? Geesh.

Keter on Apr 14, 2007:

OMG, an illuminated Flying Spaghetti Monster! LOL!

To ward off any infringement issues, all they have to do is cite the above and claim it's an expression of their religion.   ;o)

DIY Maven on Apr 04, 2007:

Oh Chihuly and his copyright-infringment lawsuits!! Read this Seattle Times article for some juicy details!

bruno on Apr 04, 2007:

Is there some kind of intellectual-property infringment here? Can you copyright a distinctive artistic style? Just curious...

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