How To: Make a Christmas Tree Pizza!

How To: Make a Christmas Tree Pizza!

Okay, true story: I was invited to a White Elephant party last weekend and, in the spirit of absurdity, I brought a giant cheese ball in the shape of a Christmas tree.  It was rolled in parsley, with almond slivers as garland, and red bell peppers as ornaments.  It was a hit.  It also looked like it was ripped straight out of a Betty Crocker magazine from the 1950s--oddly reproduced (and incredibly unappetizing) colors and all.  THIS Christmas tree-shaped treat looks incredibly delectable on the other hand.   


It's a basil pesto pizza with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, and a "dusting of cheese".  Have holiday colors ever looked so edible??  I mean really.  "Get in my belly, you delicious looking pizza!" is all I can think.  Check out A Couple Cooks for tips on making your own tree-shaped pizza (including recipes for the pesto and crust)!  You know you want to.

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