How To: Make DIY Mini Gift Box Garland!

How To: Make DIY Mini Gift Box Garland!

It's a fact: tiny, mini things are completely irresistible.  From mini polaroids to mini terrariums to mini balloon vases, it seems no one can suppress their squeals at the sight of pint-sized objects.  Mix that elation in with a good dose of vintage charm and you've got yourself the ultimate Mini-Induced Mind Melt.  So, if you think you can handle that kind of raw, so-cute-your-brain-just-exploded power, I've got the tutorial for you!   


This retro-inspired mini gift box garland is super easy to make if not a little labor intensive.  I love it used on mini silver trees (as pictured) but think it would be right at home on a full-sized tree or strung across a mantle!  However you use it is up to you, but to get started here's what you'll need:

  • crepe paper sheets
  • empty cereal box (or mini raisin boxes if you don't want to worry about cutting the cereal box down into tiny boxes--the labor intensive part)
  • glue dots
  • embroidery thread or thin metallic ribbon
  • scissors

 Jenny Batt from Hank and Hunt shares her tutorial over on Oh Happy Day, so check it out for full instructions.

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