Ayla's Big Girl Room: In Progress

Ayla little girl room

Last month, Bruno wrote a post about the glittery pink school desk he made over for Ayla's B.G.R. (Big Girl Room). We had hoped to have her whole room re-done and put together this month, but with the holidays and so much going on with Curbly, it sort of got away from us. But we did manage to get a few things done, and I just wanted to give you a peek at where we're at so far.

We researched twin beds like we were cramming for finals. The best reviews site I found (by far) was SleepLikeTheDead.com (despite the scary name). We ended up settling on the Sealy Lights Out Plush twin bed, which was one of the most comfortable and well-built-seeming ones we looked at. We paid just under $300 for it, which Bruno thought was kind of crazy; but we both agreed spending a little more on something that Ayla lies on for 10 hours every day is probably a wise choice. 

After the fact, I second-guessed myself a little and wondered if we shouldn't have gone with a foam mattress instead (this pink "Emily Collection" one felt very comfortable in the store). Some reviews I read said that the innerspring mattresses (like the one we bought) are consistently rated lower for comfort and durability than the foam ones. But alas; the die was cast.

Her room, now.

So far Ayla loves her bed and has been sleeping really well in it (aside from a few times where she has woken up at three A.M. and started blinking her room lights on and off). 

We've switched up her wall decorations a little bit, taking down the old white magnetic flowers and putting up some pink paper sticky ones. I had 'em all arranged in a beautiful pattern, but that went out the window pretty quickly, since Ayla loves to unstick and re-stick them all over the place. Also, you can see I still need to put something up on the opposing wall; I have a few ideas cooking for that as well.

The other big addition to her room so far is a lovely bright pink mini-beanbag we got from SumoLounge.com. It's about two feet in diameter, so it's just the right size for Ayla. At first we were a little concerned because it was stuffed incredibly full (not like the soft, blobby ones I remember). But after a little break-in period it has softened up, and actually we like that it's not too flabby; it makes it easy for Ayla to sit on it while she colors, reads, or eats a snack. The bag is made of sturdy rip-stop nylon and has a heavyweight zipper and velcro flap, so it's not going to pop open. 

Bean bag from SumoLounge

We also added that sweet Fancy Nancy stick up decal in her 'reading nook'. Sometimes I'll catch Ayla and Nancy having little chats; it's hilarious.

So, we're making progress; we still need to figure out what to do with her old crib (Bruno's been slacking on either moving it to another room or taking it apart and boxing it up). Then we need to re-paint, hang some new curtains, and add a few more finishing touches to really make the room her own. Stay tuned!


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Moriya on Dec 15, 2011:

Do you by chance know the wall color? I love it!

DesigningMom on Dec 15, 2011:

LOL That's so cute Bruno. What joy our little ones bring to us even in the middle of the ngiht. It's sad that as we age we lose the joy of little things in life like blinking lights in the middle of the night, isn't it? I think a better saying than "take time to smell the roses" would be to "take time and act like a child again".

In re-reading your comment about the crib I see that you meant where to store it. If you didn't keep the box it came in you could always lay down a large piece of heavy duty drop clothe stack the parts as if they were going in a box, placing the hardware in a zipper bag, and then wrap it all up tight taping it closed. You can even use small boxes cut in half diagonally to place over the corners to protect the bed while being stored.

created at: 12/15/2011

bruno on Dec 15, 2011:

@designmom - thanks for the suggestions. Yes, her crib is meant to convert into a toddler bed, but we just figured we'd save it for the next baby (whenever that happens), and that we'd eventually need a crib and a toddler bed at the same time anyway.

We found out about the lights 'cause she woke me up in the middle of the night with her giggling, and I went in there to find her standing on the chair flicking them on and off. Sheesh!

DesigningMom on Dec 14, 2011:

What a cute big girl room for Ayla! I bet she's loving it.

You should check with the store you purchased the mattress at. Most have a trial period up to ninty days. No sense keeping something you are not happy with if they have that return policy. \

Sounds like you might want to rethink the placement of the chair. LOL How did you find out she was blinking the lights? Perhaps a call from the next door neighbor that was awakened and wondered if you were being invaded by aliens? ;^)

I hope you can catch Ayla and Nancy chatting on video. That sounds adorable.

Had you not purchased a headboard already I'd have sugested using her crib as the bed. It actually looks as if it were made for that. The sides could be used (using a piano hinge at the top and screw eyes and chains to keep it from opening too much) to make an easel attaching department store white board to one side and a magnetic board to the other side.

Anonymous on Dec 13, 2011:


I saw this and thought you could try it a great use of the crib 

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