Curbly Essentials: Free Printable Vintage Holiday Ephemera


Vintage Holiday Ephemera Download

This month, we're giving away a free series of useful PDF tutorials that are perfect for the holiday season. We're calling it "Curbly Essentials", and today's download is 5 pages of unique printable vintage graphical elements (ok, fine, call it 'clip art' if you must).

Can't picture what I'm talking about? Here's a preview (the download contains the full-size images):

Ephemera preview

Read on to see how to get today's download: Curbly Essentials: Vintage Holiday Ephemera

There are two ways to access today's download:

1) Sign up for our free, weekly newsletter (we won't spam you, and you'll get a link to the download after you sign up). Go to our newsletter signup page to get started. *Note: please sign up for our newsletter at the link indicated, not for a Curbly user account.

2) Get it from our Facebook page: http://on.fb.me/e4C4iv (you'll need to become a fan first)

- Already signed up for our newsletter? You can get the download now by becoming a fan of our Facebook page (option #2 above).

Stay tuned: our next Curbly Essential download is coming tomorrow! 

 (Decorative images in the PDFs are courtesy of BigStockPhoto.com)

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bruno on Dec 08, 2011:

Hi Ann,

There will be a link to the PDFs in next week's newsletter. Thanks!


Ann on Dec 07, 2011:

i already get the news letter, do not do facebook, yet I want this      what gives???


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