Carpentry Accident Leads to Toe for Thumb

by on Dec 7, 2011

Man Loses Thumb Has Replaced With Big Toe

Why-oh-why is this story on the pages of Curbly? Because it’s a reminder to all who work with power tools what can happen in a split second if we’re not careful. 

Last year carpenter James Byrne had an accident at work. He cut his thumb off with a chop saw. Doctors tried re-attaching it several times to no avail. His surgeon then suggested they use one of his big toes instead. James, whose thumbs are vital for his work, was up for it. They removed his great left toe and reattached it to where his left thumb used to be. James doesn’t have full range of motion in his toe-thumb, but he’s progressing. As for walking without a great left toe? That’s a matter of learning how to re-balance. For more on the story and to watch a video of James explaining the process (not graphic), head on over to Like Cool