When NOT to Paint Your Walls

When NOT to Paint Your Walls
A few months ago I decided I needed to re-paint my craft room. I wanted to keep it blue, just a different blue. Something less baby and more blue jean. So, I went on a quest for the perfect hue. As you can see from the picture above, I collected a dozen or so paint chips. From Cascading Water to Blueberry Popover to Blue Smoke, I had blues coming out of my ears, and yet none, NONE were quite right. Then, finally, I found a color that I thought would work. It was called Chambray; it was the color of a comfy, washed-a-million-times denim shirt. I brought the chip home and held it up in my craft room to get the feel. Hmmm, I thought, as I put the sample against the wall. It looked similar. VERY similar. I ran for the old can of paint and put a dab of it on the paint chip. Here's the result:
created at: 12/06/2011
Although the existing paint was Benjamin Moore (Lake something or other) and this one is Pittsburgh, they're still pretty much the same color. Ultimately, I decided NOT to re-paint my craft room. The whole experience reminded me of that saying, 'The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.' In this case, of course, the grass was blue.  

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