How to Turn a Pair of Jeans into a Bowl

How to Turn a Pair of Jeans into a Bowl
As soon as I'm done with my Christmas gift knitting, I'm definitely going to do this project. It starts with a pair of jeans or some other sturdy, denim-like pants like the ones pictured above. A few fancy moves with a scissors and a crochet hook later and we have ourselves a bowl. Don't know how to crochet? Don't worry. Visit Lion Brand to learn. And visit Kanelstrand for complete instructions on how to make the bowl itself. Hey, maybe we can do this as a crochet-along! Anybody interested???
created at: 12/02/2011

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susan on Apr 22, 2012:

cool!...i'v made rugs from rags...but never a bowl.  cool

Kelly Ann on Jan 07, 2012:

I can't wait to try this~

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