Gardening Prep: KNOW YOUR ZONES!

Gardening Prep: KNOW YOUR ZONES!

Have you ever noticed those little tags on outdoor plants at your local garden center? They might say something like, "Hardy to Zone 3." This information is indispensable to a gardener. Why? Without it you new plant may not survive the winter.

What is a Hardiness Zone Map?

Hardiness zone maps designate individual zones to let us compare climates to other places where a plant is known to thrive--taking into consideration average temperatures and rainfall. So let’s say I want to add some greenery in my garden. I happen to live in zone 4, which means, if I want my new plant to survive the winter of -30 to -25 F (no joke), I need to find a plant hardy to zone 4. Now, that doesn’t mean I can’t plant plants hardy to higher numbered zones; they just won’t survive the winter.

How Do You Find Your Zone?

This is the easy part. If you live in the U.S., go to the National Gardening Association. Just enter your zip code, and they’ll tell you your zone. This website is also a great source for finding plants that will adapt to your particular zone too.

If you live in Canada, visit this interactive map.

Live in Australia? Go here.

And for my fellow European Curbliers, check out this website.

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