Emergency* Curtains.

*Not for use in all emergencies...

These curtains  probably wouldn't be that useful in say, a VOLCANO.



If you've got your in-law equivalents coming to stay for two weeks and you realise THE DAY BEFORE THEY ARRIVE that the room in which they will be staying is totally exposed to the prying eyes of Yonge St.

AND you're flat broke,

AND there is already a curtain rail in-situ, well, then these could be useful.

 So the title of this post should actually be 'Curtains For Use In A Really Specific Emergency' but that just didn't scan as nicely.

 Anyway, I stuck these up:


Emergency* Curtains.

I cobbled them together using 4 'reusable' plastic tablecloths (the kind with the flocked backing don't feel too plasticy). A roll of duct tape and a box of safety pins. All from the Dollarama.

I ran the tape along the top to give the curtains a more solid feeling and to stop the safety pins ripping the "fabric". Then I poked the safety pins through the tape (but not the fabric) at equidistant intervals.


 And there we have it. Very Specific Emergency Curtains. These might also work if you have just moved into a new flat and don't want to drape sheets over the windows.

Also, when the "emergency" is over you get to take them down and go out and eat yummy things off of them, picnic style.