Curbly’s Top Design Fan Club, Week 8: Bedroom Suite

Carisa's Room

Last night’s episode of TD proved that it should have begun with just four contestants. Okay, maybe it wouldn’t have been much of a competition, but it would have been a much better television show.

The Task

The remaining designers were asked to create a suite for a fictional boutique hotel based upon one of four elements. Goil drew fire, Andrea earth, Matt water and Carisa air. With their budget, which, again, was more than many people make in a year, they were asked to design a luxurious room for a high end hotel guest.

The Drama

Blood on the table saw. Dude, use a push stick! I’m just glad there wasn’t a finger laying in that puddle of blood. Gnarly.

Matt's Room

The Winners and Losers

Tonight, judges deferred to Linda O’Keeffe, the director of design & architecture for Metropolitan Home Magazine, to pick the winner. Matt’s very posh room took first. Although it looked monochromatic, it wasn’t. His interpretation of water culminated in a collection of white linens, pale blue walls and reflective surfaces. The loser, I’m sad to say, was sweet Goil, who, based on the night’s design SHOULDN’T have gone home. His interpretation of a sunrise was quite beautiful.

Goil's Room

The Summation

Carisa’s louvered walls, which suggested the movement of air, were spot on, as were her use of color. Matt’s use of wainscoting close to the floor coupled with the posters of the bed gave the room height, or rather, verticality. Goil’s backlit, padded puzzle piece red wall was fabulous and his totally DIY-able headboard (metal pieces strung from floor to ceiling) got high marks in my book too. Andrea’s too literal earthy room (who's gonna mow the end table?) was completely forgettable, and based on this challenge, she SHOULD have been asked to leave. But, considering her success over the duration of the show, she does deserve to be in the final three.

Andrea's Room


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