Napkin Folding 101: Style Up Your Thanksgiving Table

Napkin Folding 101: Style Up Your Thanksgiving Table

By now, most Thanksgiving dinner plans have been made and we're all working on finishing touches, like how to make our Thanksgiving tables look their best.  If you aren't going to go the napkin/napkin ring route, you can always use some creative folding to add a little extra wow to the table.   Shari, tapping into her napkin folding skills from when she worked at a resort, shows how to turn napkins into a fan, envelope, pyramid, and pocket fold for any dinner occasion.

created at: 11/21/2011

You can find instructions for these 5 different folds at Turnstyle Vogue.  My favorite is the Pyramid, probably because I like to keep things simple and I like the height it gives.  Do you use real linens for Thanksgiving, or do you go the disposable napkin route?

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