"Thing Spring" Finalists - Vote Here!

Curbly's all about democracy, so here's your chance to participate (and be a good citizen). Below are the entrants for our Think Spring giveaway. Leave a comment on this post saying which one you think most deserves to win a $100 gift certificate from Amazon.com.

Living Room Makeover by DIYDreamer

"Thing Spring" Finalists - Vote Here!
On the pink wall I'm going to hang a yellow buddhist monk robe on a curtain rod. I have a red sixties set of sofas and I'm going to arrange them in a cozy way. Also I plan to fill my walls with my colourful art, some of which I made myself. I painted the lamp bases with the green paint for the walls to tie the room better together and the shades will be the dark pink. It's going to be a colourbomb!

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Major Remodeling by George

Our bathroom sink is screaming for a change. My wife and I are hoping to be able to remodel our bathroom soon! our budget is somewhat out of reach and therefor we are limited as to what we can do... for starters ... It would be nice to deserve a little change in our home, and im really sure my wife would be so greatful for it. Remodeling our bathroom is the first step into a new change.

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My Spring Project by Babalu 

I am living in a small one room apartment (plus very small kitchen, corridor and bathroom) so I need to optimally use the existing space.

Brainstorming with a friend resulted in really creative ideas. Add some alcoholic beverage[1] and the ideas get even more creative. We thought of everything up to hydraulic solutions where we decided to look for a lifting platform from an old garage ;-).

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My First Pad! by MegRockstar

After finally buying the two-family and moving in I am on my way with all over renovations. Here is my bedroom and livingroom. Both are very drab and pretty gross. I want to give the rooms some feeling by painting, change the light fixtures and add lighting,fix the electrical outlets and grab my style of choice.

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Our Purple Addition by PittlePDXHouse

Someone before us thought it would be a great idea to put an addition on the back of our house with a large stoage closet and the laundry machines and that is it.  There are no windows and it is a brilliant shade of purple.  We are planning to make it into our office by cutting three windows in the wall, putting a window bench under those windows, removing the storage closet, and installing cork floors.

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Kitchen Revelation ... I mean ... Renovation. By Terryswaler

Last year (yep.  Not a typo) my SO gutted our kitchen.  We are definite DIY'ers and this challenge, although overwhelming, was something we knew we could do.

You know how life sometimes takes sudden twists and turns when you least expect it?  What?  That hasn't happened to you? 

Our kitchen is still in a state of disrepair and we have few $$ to finish it.


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My Project! By ajftuba

So we finally ripped out the master bathroom! It was totally gross, there was a tub but no shower so my dear sweet husband had a plumber come in and stick a showerhead in and hang a curtain ring from the ceiling. The trouble was, the tub was originally a shower underneath so it wasn't big enough for the space, so there was a ring of tile around it that you COULD NOT CLEAN, and he did not clean it, or even attempt to, during pretty much his entire tenancy of this house pre-me. If that description doesn't make sense, check out the picture, I think you can probably see the ring of crud around this thing. Cue me moving in: "This bathroom is gross!" and showering in the guest bathroom for the past year or so. Finally, he caved and we will be properly repairing/renovating this bathroom.

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QueenofDreams on Mar 27, 2007:

Tammyswaler! That kitchen is ready to be finished!

Tobey on Mar 26, 2007:

Tammyswaler fo' sho'!!!!

KatNap on Mar 26, 2007:

I'll throw my vote to Terryswaler as well because the kitchen is so important. I'd have to kill myself if I had that kitchen.

badbadivy on Mar 26, 2007:

I'm gonna break from the crowd and vote for Terryswaler!

Manzabar on Mar 26, 2007:


lilybee on Mar 25, 2007:

Babalu all the way. A hidey bed on wheels? Thats just cool.

Chris Gardner on Mar 25, 2007:


bruno on Mar 25, 2007:

I know, it's tough... just pick the one oyu like best... there will be other chances for the friends you don't pick in future contests!

DIY Maven on Mar 25, 2007:

Bruno! Three of my "friends" have entered the think spring contest...how can I vote for just ONE?! Can I vote for all three equally??? Sort of like a run off election.... ;)

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