How To: Make DIY Liquid Watercolors!

How To: Make DIY Liquid Watercolors!

Three simple ingredients, folks, that's all you need... then you'll be on your way to custom watercolor heaven!   


Deb Averett from Dose of Happy created this recipe for liquid watercolors.  It's incredibly simple and, depending on your unique combo of food coloring, full of endless color possibilities.  I think it would fun to create an array of vivid colors and then go to town making some holiday greeting cards.  Maybe swathes of color with some hand-drawn goodness on top?  Yes, yes, I like this plan.  How would YOU use these liquid watercolors?

Now that you know the first ingredient (food coloring), head over to Dose of Happy to find out the other two!

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Anonymous on Mar 06, 2013:

Sounds like fun

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