How To: Bake a Brownie Inside an Eggshell!

How To: Bake a Brownie Inside an Eggshell!

I don't know why you would ever need to bake a brownie inside an eggshell, but goshdarnit, you CAN!  Here's how.   

I spied this over on Neatorama last week and I've been dying to share it with you--saving myself for Foodie Friday marriage and all that.  Now that that time is finally here, check out how Recipe for Happiness blogger Sandra Mangas created this egg-straordinary treat!

created at: 11/17/2011

The main gist is to poke a hole in each egg, drain, rinse, and then pour a tiny bit of oil inside.  Swish the oil around to coat, empty the excess, and fill with batter!  There is an English translation at the bottom of Sandra's post that goes into further detail, so check it out.

I love the idea of starting this as a birthday tradition or even for Easter.  What occasion would you bake a brownie in an egg for?

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hello! on Mar 12, 2015:

That is pretty darn cool! Awesome idea for Easter!

CapreeK on Nov 22, 2011:

Michelle, I love the idea of this as a white elephant gift--ha!

Michelle on Nov 22, 2011:

I plan on brining this to a Christmas party, not sure if I want to do it as a white elephant gift or for the main meal

CapreeK on Nov 22, 2011:

Thanks for the wonderful idea, SandeeA! :)

lilai@foammattress on Nov 22, 2011:

wow! i'd like to try this. can you post the whole process? I'm still a little bit confused..

SandeeA on Nov 19, 2011:

Thanks for the feature :) It is fun to watch people's reactions when they believe they are going to eat a hard boiled egg, start peeling it, and the brownie appears! Also it has the advantage that you have to peel the brownie, so you won't eat as much as with a normal brownie... or at least you will have to work hard for it! Have a nice weekend!

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