Tub liner vs. Paint

Tub liner vs. Paint
We just did some upgrades in our bathroom, and they look fantastic. The last piece of the puzzle: the bathtub is still mauve.

Does anyone have any advice regarding tub liners or painting your bathtub? If so, which is better? Also, how much do tub liners & installation usually run?

Thanks for your input! 

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TubKlass on Feb 28, 2013:

Why NOT to get a tub liner!!!


What the bathtub reglazing process looks like.


Some Before and Afters


Tom Boyd on Apr 28, 2010:

Painting is the way to go! You can refinish a tub in less than a day and use it within 24 hrs using an acrylic polymer.

I do this for a living. See my video on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Armths721Bk


Bathpro on Mar 25, 2009:

Bathtub refinishing is a lot cheaper about $350 versus a liner that can cost upwards of $3000. Refinishing yourself is even cheaper. Products offered today for do-it-yourself bathtub refinishing have come a long ways. Here is a site to look at http:www.refinishingonline.com this site offers all kinds of Diy repair and reglazing products for more then just bathtubs. I think "Bruno" has already mentioned this site below.

atlsteve2121 on Dec 30, 2008:

tub refinishing you get what you pay for. i have done them they last 15 years. check out miraclemethod.com

baconthecat on Apr 16, 2007:

I don't know about painting bathtubs, but try BathFitter (www.bathfitter.com). They do one-day installations (putting a new bathtub over your old one), and come with a lifetime warranty.

briann on Apr 14, 2007:

My husband and I are moving into our first home on the 27th.  We are in an apt now where the tub was painted.  It looks awful, and the paint is peeling off.  In my opinion a liner may cost more, but in the end, it's better than worrying that your cleaner is too abrasive....

Have you considered a totally new tub?  I dunno about where you are, but there is a company here, the name escapes me, maybe Rebath, i dunno, and they basically install a tub over the old one.   Good luck. 

jeanne s on Mar 23, 2007:

HI I had a tub painted in a former house because it was the cheaper option and I was very pleased with it. it depends how much you want to spend and what kind of tub.  in our situation, it was a regular tub (ie not claw foot) that was covered by a nice shower curtain most of the day anyway. I got it painted because I was tired of seeing the dingy tub each time I took a bath.  if you go this route get ref on the person who paints it.  The major thing to watch out for is to specifically follow directions for cleaning once it is painted. ie not abrasives because you can scratch off the paint. and , as I found out the hard way, don't leave a bath mat on the bottom of the tub when you are done (ie for a prolonged period of time),.  when you pick up the mat, the paint may come with it.  but the mat is fine for regular day to day use.   finally when I went to sell the house, just touched up the tub with some  paint from home depot specifically for that purpose.  tub looked great and I got my asking price.


as far as the liners. I haven't looked at them in a few years. they didn't look that attractive to me. may have changed.  and when i was house hunting I saw a few older versions of the lines that  looked bad and looked hard to clean due to a rougher surface.  but that  is probl changed by now.  in any case you will delight in your new white or off white tub. good luck . jeanne

dorkusmilorkus on Mar 22, 2007:

Thanks for the input, everyone!

Manzabar on Mar 22, 2007:

While I've not tried either method myself, one of the bathrooms in our house was obviously painted/refinished by the dreaded PO (previous owner).  It was done rather badly and it's entirely possible the PO simply used regular paint vs really refinishing it.  However it does look horrible and will be getting torn out of the house someday (when we have the $$$ to redo the room).  Maybe a tub can be refinished and look good, but I'd wager it takes skills which your average DIY might not have.

bruno on Mar 22, 2007:

This is a great question (which unfortunately I can't answer). From what I've found online, it sounds like a tub liner will cost around $800, vs. around $350 for refinishing (painting). Here's some more information on refinishing vs. liners. And here's a message board thread on the same topic.

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