Make some sexy storage boxes

Make some sexy storage boxes

It's almost tax time! Are you storing your tax receipts in a shoebox? Would you like to make that shoebox a lot prettier? Or, do you want some storage boxes but find the ones that look great are more money than you want to spend? It's really quite simple to make a useful and attractive storage box with a hinged lid using a shoebox, some contact paper, and some nuts and bolts.


Some idiot (me) forgot to take pictures while making the boxes, so I'll try to explain from the finished products.


 Cut a slit in the corners of the box where you want to make the hinge. If you want to cover the shoebox with contact paper, don't add the nuts and bolts at this time.


Cover the box with contact paper. The easiest way to make this look nice is to cover the outside, then cover the inside, to cover up the seams. I measured the contact paper and used an exacto knife to cut the pieces for the insides to exact measurements.  



Measure, and drill three small holes at equal lengths through the lid and the box. Use nuts and bolts to secure. 


You end up with a super-sexy industrial-looking storage box, for less than a dollar's worth of materials.




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Anonymous on Jun 10, 2011:

great idea...io'm looking form something for my 3year olds room ....for his toys.  I dont want to spend money on stuff he'll outgrow or ruin so I want to exspand on this idea...

wizodd on Dec 08, 2007:

I think I saw this on Captain Kangagroo once...


Seriously, you probably would pay at least 5$ for this at IKEA.


You can make it for $3 in parts and 1/2 hour in labor...sorry, my time sells for way more than that.


Nicer looking than a shoe box, but if it lives in a closet, out of sight, who cares? 

atrophie on Aug 01, 2007:

i made something just like this (or tried to) for a temporary underwear storage box, only i spray painted it and decoupaged magazine photos instead.  mine was not as tech-savvy as yours is (i punched holes in the side and tried to thread twist-ties to make a 'hinge', whereas you used screws).  this little tutorial will definitely help me in the future!

DesigningMom on May 31, 2007:

OH my and I just put a few of my good shoe boxes in the recycle area of our garage.  I didn't squash them so I hope hubby didn't either.  I love this!  Thanks BadBadDivy!

Keter on Mar 20, 2007:

I covered a heavy cardboard file box I got at Office Depot (the white ones printed with their logo) with "brushed aluminum" paper I got at Target a few months ago and after a couple of weeks the paper peeled up and refused to stick to the box any more.  (It did stick to an old wooden cabinet used for tool storage.)  I haven't tried spray adhesive yet; at $12 a can, it might not be worth it.  So, word to the wise:  there is a possibility that some adhesives might not get along well with certain paper finishes.  :o/

bruno on Mar 19, 2007:

Very cool... I think you'd pay $10/box for something like this at IKEA or Target.

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