Lucky Shamrock Plant: Now that I have it, how do I keep it alive?

Lucky Shamrock Plant: Now that I have it, how do I keep it alive?

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, I treated myself to an Oxalis Regnelli, a.k.a. a Lucky Shamrock Plant. These are the flowering shamrock-like plants available just about everywhere this time of year, including most grocery stores.

I’ve always considered my thumb green--well, at least chartreuse--but for some reason the luck for these supposedly easy to grow plants run out when they come into my care. Too much water? Not enough sun? I’d like to keep this sweet little thing alive longer than the average St. Patty’s Day hangover, so if anyone has experience with these plants, I could use some suggestions. (It will remain a houseplant.)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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overlycurious on May 31, 2007:

I've had a different variety of this (it's reddish purple) growing indoors for about five  years. It's one of my favorites for its good looks and its lack of crankiness. (I can't get to my books right now to properly name it.)

Care: Mine don't like too small or too shallow of a pot and prefer full sun or mostly sunny spots. Don't rotate the pot too often or they'll tangle themselves as they keep trying to reach toward the sun each day when they open up. When a pot gets crowded I just take some of the bulbettes and toss them in a new pot of soil and they pop up without any extra fuss.


jasimar on Mar 17, 2007:

Really spiffy plant.  Happy St. Patty's. 

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