Faux Finishing School

Faux Finishing School

I’m not big on faux finishes. They look good only if done right, and because I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to do them justice, I’ve stayed away. But when I ran across The Faux Finish School website, hope sprung like a tulip in springtime. Now this was an idea I could get behind! A school that could teach me how to turn my home into an Italian Villa–with nothing but paint! Oh joy!

Happiness was short-lived, however, as this particular faux finishing school was in Louisville, Kentucky. Not exactly next door to Minnesota. So, although still feeling a bit dejected, I started searching other more convenient alternatives. As it happens there are faux finishing schools all over the U.S., including Minnesota.

To find a faux finishing school nearest you, a great place to start is Google. Enter ‘faux finishing classes’ plus your state. Prices can run you anywhere from a hundred bucks for a one-day class to $1,500 for a week long faux experience.

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