Modern Mansion Chandelier

Modern Mansion Chandelier

Erich Einder’s 36" x 11.75" Mansion Chandelier offers old world splendor for a modern aesthetic. Fashioned out of laser-cut aluminum and lit with halogen bulbs, this lacy light fixture tops out at a rather hefty $ 3,700 bucks. However, I’m thinking a clever DIYer with a scroll saw and some thin MDF (or balsa?) just might be able to replicate the look. Whaddaya think....yea or nay?

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atrophie on Mar 13, 2007:

that's SO pretty.  i totally thought the same when i saw it--that someone talented with woodwork could replicate it

that sort of style would also be really pretty surrounding a tealight/candle as a wall sconce too, methinks

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