Genius and Easy DIY Organization: Bread Clips as Power Cord Labels


Bread clips as power cord labels. Doesn't get much simpler or clever...er. Unplggd also suggests using them to label your cords at both ends so you don't have to do the 'tug test'. You know, when you tug on the cord to see which one reacts at the other end? For more tips about 'getting our home office wired for success' click here.

POST UPDATE: Need bread clips?? Click here to see how to make your own!


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Dave on Nov 15, 2011:

I currently use masking tape on all of my cords. This is so much easier.

DIY Maven on Nov 15, 2011:

@Anon--Good point!! 

Anonymous on Nov 15, 2011:

Don't do this if you have kids or animals as they're bad choking hazards.

Joe on Nov 14, 2011:

Great except we don't have these in the UK! :( We have like sticky weird coloured tape stuff

nita on Nov 14, 2011:

smart! i follow u

mimosk on Nov 14, 2011:

Diy maven ! This is super FABULOUS! Really awesome! I will keep the bread clips from now on! Thanks <3




Anonymous on Nov 14, 2011:


Sunny Singh on Nov 13, 2011:

Now to go buy a lot of bread.

DesigningMom on Nov 13, 2011:

I've seen this before and think it's ingenious. The only problem is our bread uses those little twist ties. Although.... one couple possible make their own using the plastic from a used milk carton if you have a paper punch and some scissors.

Court on Nov 11, 2011:


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