Make It: DIY Felt Fall Leaf Coasters

Make It: DIY Felt Fall Leaf Coasters

Yes, I've been on a fall leaf kick lately, with a leaf runner and coordinating napkin rings already adorning my dining space.  Now I feel like I'm gravitating to all things fall leaves, but how can I not when I find simple, striking projects like this to add to my "to do" list?   Molly said her reason behind making these was after discovering her beautiful bundle of collected fall leaves failed to keep its color, so she decided to make some leaves that would keep their vibrancy the whole year.  Using scissors, wool felt, and some embroidery floss, this coaster set is yet another great addition to my fall decor. 

created at: 11/08/2011

Molly's instructions on The Purl Bee show how to make these coasters in order to keep the colors of fall alive for a little longer during this time of year.  Check it out.

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