Eye Candy: 6 Colorful, Playful Kitchens

Rainbow bright kitchen

These delightful kitchens look like they could have been inspired by children's play kitchens. Bright, colorful and fun! 

Although putting pink and red can look a little Valentine-y, the kitchen above certainly doesn't.    

If you've ever wondered if 'patriotic' could look modern, check out this kitchen:

Kitchen with character

If your tastes lean toward the pastels, then this space is sure to inspire. (Note the integration of all the colors in the room in the clock.)

Speaking of pastels...how about a cotton candy kitchen? (Gives a new meaning to eye candy, huh?)

Want some color on the walls? How do you feel about raspberry??

This one looks like it may have been inspired by The Simpsons!

multi-colored kitchen

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