Make It: Vintage Ruler Wall Art

Make It: Vintage Ruler Wall Art

Bring a little schoolhouse charm to your decor with this inexpensive and simple wall art idea!  

Folding rulers, whether new or vintage, make for some pretty great decor--who knew?  Get creative by making shapes or letters of all sizes.  I like the small cluster of stars shown above, but your options are pretty endless.  All you need are a few simple materials:

  • folding rulers (as many as your design requires)
  • double-sided tape
  • hammer
  • small nails

Check out Honest to Nod for tips and tricks on how to bring your folding ruler wall art to life!

Just for fun, tell me what shapes you'd try!  Where would you hang them (craft room, kids room, etc.)?  Oh, and have you seen this yardstick backsplash??

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