What's the Weirdest Thing You've Ever Seen for Sale on Craigslist?

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So yesterday I was perusing Craigslist looking for a room divider, and I came upon the weirdest thing. The tower/stand pictured above. How I got there searching for room dividers, I have no idea. The point is, there it was. A 20 foot tower. The seller says its big enough for two people "with room to spare". (This room-for-a-buddy info is important because around these parts people use towers like this for deer hunting.) Personally, I think it's super cool and, yes, a little weird, but that's what you gotta love about Craigslist. Ultimately, the tower started me thinking about what peculiar things others might have spotted for sale on Craigslist. Something goofy, something seemingly useless, something bizare? If you've seen it, spill it in the comments below! And if you know anybody looking for a 20' tower that fits 2+ and lives near Siren, Wisconsin, give Rick a jingle.

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