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Make It: A Vintage Suitcase Dog Bed

by on Nov 1, 2011

We’ve shown you how to turn suitcases into chairs and even picnic kits, but this might be my favorite vintage suitcase repurposing project ever!  


created at: 11/01/2011

As an avid dog lover and self-proclaimed “crazy Schnauzer lady”, I always get a little too excited when I see awesome DIY projects for pets.  So, you can imagine my enthusiasm (or can you? It’s pretty extreme…) for this stylish, retro-inspired dog bed created by Kathryn Ekloff from Mox & Fodder.  I absolutely love her color and pattern choices!  Fortunately, she’s written an easy-to-follow tutorial for making your own vintage suitcase dog bed (for less than $10!!), so head over to Mox & Fodder for all the details.

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