Make It: A Vintage Suitcase Dog Bed

Make It: A Vintage Suitcase Dog Bed

We've shown you how to turn suitcases into chairs and even picnic kits, but this might be my favorite vintage suitcase repurposing project ever!  


created at: 11/01/2011

As an avid dog lover and self-proclaimed "crazy Schnauzer lady", I always get a little too excited when I see awesome DIY projects for pets.  So, you can imagine my enthusiasm (or can you? It's pretty extreme...) for this stylish, retro-inspired dog bed created by Kathryn Ekloff from Mox & Fodder.  I absolutely love her color and pattern choices!  Fortunately, she's written an easy-to-follow tutorial for making your own vintage suitcase dog bed (for less than $10!!), so head over to Mox & Fodder for all the details.

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CapreeK on Nov 03, 2011:

CoolJ - A trumpet bed sounds pretty awesome! Do it, do it! :)

CoolJ on Nov 03, 2011:

This is groovy! I was thinking of making a vintage trumpet case cat litter box... We have a tiny house so the dang cat box has to be SOME where in plain view. Maybe a cat trumpet bed (toot toot!) and some kind of covered box/ planter etc for the litter box.

Tiny Lee on Nov 02, 2011:

What an adorable idea for creating a dog bed that will surely fit in any decor.  Thanks for sharing. 

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