Yarn Curtains: Good Idea?

Yarn Curtains: Good Idea?

Lion Brand has a tutorial on their website for easy-to-construct ‘beaded’ yarn curtains. The ‘beads’ are made of alternating strings of Lion Boulce and Fun-Fur yarn, although any specialty, textured yarn would work. To keep the strands taut, I’d probably knot beads at the ends of the individual strings of yarn or tie the strings to a tension rod for window applications. A unique dressing to a window or doorway, to be sure, but only if privacy is not an issue.

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Sandra on Feb 18, 2015:

I considered a similar curtain using ribbon, in an upstairs room where privacy is not an issue, but color and texture are. this Idea has re-inspired me, because i inherited bags and bags of yarn that I will probably never otherwise use. I am too busy to knit or crochet, and much of the yarn I have is in colors that already go with the house I also inherited. I just need to find a way to keep my cats from destroying them. (That is one reason the windows are lacking coverings, now. But, I figure that whimsical, inexpensive, is a better sacrifice to their enjoyment than more expensive window treatments that they would treat with just as much respect, especially during winter, when they do not go outside!

Anonymous on Feb 13, 2015:

Unhygienic? What ARE you doing with the curtains? Licking them? Those aren't any worse than the lace café curtains I have in my kitchen. Probably easier to wash actually.

Chris on Aug 20, 2014:

I like them. I would take them outside, give a good shake, maybe a soft brush. If they need a deeper clean, crochet a simple chain stitch holding 5 or more strands together so knots are less likely to be a problem. When clean, pull the chains loose and hang to dry. Fluff with a hair dryer! Seems like a lot of work but pretty things usually are.

Anonymous on May 21, 2013:

I  probably would have liked them when I was a teenager but not the look I go for in my house nowadays. I could totally see my cat swinging from that yarn like a little tarzan. ha! 

stinkknits on Jun 04, 2012:

What is less hygienic about an afghan than a curtain? They collect dust, you take them down, you wash them.

Cats will climb what they can. Even window screens.

DesigningMom on Jun 05, 2007:

I like them!   A preteen young lady would love them!  Yes, a kitty cat would distroy them and yes they would collect dust.  If you've been a round a kitty cat lately you'll realize they find something playful about everything.  And dust?  Well everything is a dust magnet if it stays in one place long enough.  So why not have fun with decorating!?  Life's too short not too.

Becky <><

DIY Maven on Mar 13, 2007:

I once was in a house that had granny square curtains (red and white, if I'm not mistaken) in the kitchen...so basically a crocheted afghan hanging from a curtain rod. All I could think of was 'not hygienic.'

blakewest on Mar 12, 2007:

Yarn Curtains: Dust Magnet.

Yarn Curtains: When Cats Attack! 

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